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Mommy Massage


Prenatal Massage~
Sometimes your changing body can bring many discomforts and added stress.  Massage Therapy can give you a way to ease these symptoms. Massage is very safe for the expectant mother, when given by an experienced prenatal practitioner.  It is important to express your desire for Massage Therapy with your doctor so that he/she knows it is part of your wellness plan.  Massage can help with a number of issues during pregnancy:
1. Sciatic nerve pain/hip pain
2. Carpal tunnel symptoms
3. Mild swelling and nausea
4. Muscle aches and discomfort, especially in the mid/low back and neck regions
5. Stress, anxiety and depression
6. Body awareness, which enables you to notice changes more readily and report them to your doctor
Most prenatal sessions are done in the sidelying position.  This is the safest position to work on you.  Many of the pregnancy pillows and tables do not fit everyone's body, can cause you to overheat and put undo pressure on your lower abdomen and back.   We are very experienced in pregnancy massage, and very adept at giving a massage while you are in this position.  We take pride in providing a very comfortable table for you to lie on. 

Postnatal Massage~after you leave the hospital
Postpartum massage performed in the months following a birth can help decrease the baby blues and help your body recover more quickly.  I recommend monthly massage during this period, to aid in fatigue and muscle soreness associated with your new and demanding lifestyle.  Take it from me, (I've been there) you can feel so responsible for your baby that you lose site of doing healthy things for yourself.  There is nothing more important than taking care of yourself and your children.  If you neglect your own health, you may sometimes pay a high price.  Take time to exercise, meditate, relax.  Even if it is to go for a walk alone, take a long hot bath, with the door closed and a "Do not disturb sign" on the door, take the time.  You are not being selfish!!  Your baby will be okay with Dad or Grandma while you do this.  You need to do this.  I promise you, it will make you a better mom if you do.  If you don't have a support system, then take your bath or meditate, while baby naps.  But find something---something that is not about the responsibilites of being Mom.  Just because you became a mom, doesn't mean you have to lose who you were---you have only enhanced who you are, and you deserve a break now and then.  Make sure baby is safe, and with someone you can trust, so that you can fully experience your activity. 
For our breastfeeding moms:
We have a breast pillow that allows you to lie on your belly for a postpartum massage.  Sometimes when your milk is in, full force, it is not a good idea to lie on the stomach because it can cause you to become engorged--ouch!  It's still a good idea to pump or feed prior to the massage so you are more comfortable.  If your milk lets down, while on the table, we are prepared for this as well, so please don't feel uncomfortable about this happening.  Some women claim that they are able to pump much more after a massage.  Bring along your breast pump and pump after your massage in a private restroom next to our office. 

Pregnancy Massage

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