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Oncology Massage


People with cancer need to be touched.

Massage Therapy helps a patient let go of
tension, anxiety and fear that is experienced
during treatments. Massage Therapy while
undergoing treatment is gentle but firm
and geared toward healing the tissues and
improving immune system health.

Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic massage compliments conventional
medicine. We strive to get to the source of
pain and discomfort by working with you and
aiding the healing process. We provide you
with relaxation and stress relief and/or focused
therapy to relieve chronic conditions.

Studies show that Massage Therapy provides
multiple benefits to cancer patients including:
• Increases the number of Fighter T cells in
the body
• Helps the body release endorphins
• Aids in pain control,
• Decreases depression and improves blood
• After treatments end, we recommend Massage
Therapy as an ongoing part of your healthy

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